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Dreams, Goals and Adventure



coverReturning home from Desert Storm, author Michael Ditton found himself mentally and financially bankrupt. Newly divorced, he had no job, no help, and no hope. His reasons to live were gone. At the lowest point in his life, he fell back on simple truths from his childhood: hard work gets results, and it’s okay to dream.

And dream he did, setting goals that launched him from poverty to a life he could not have imagined. And he is convinced that if he did elevate himself, you can do it, too.

By sharing his Dreams, Goals and Adventure, Ditton is able to impart useful tips he himself followed as he clawed his way to financial security. With the following tips, he helps you in identifying, setting, and accomplishing your goals, whatever they might be!

• Don’t be afraid to dream.
• Don’t accept “no” as an answer.
• Remove “can’t” from your vocabulary.
• Small goals are stepping stones to much larger goals.
• Learn how to spring forward from failure.
• Know you will have to adjust.
• Live life as an adventure.